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“Jaz, you are outstandingly talented, gifted and blessed. What you do is absolutely mind-boggling. I have had many readings with you and you are on point every time and there is no way you could know half of what is said! You are true at what you do.”
– R.Simeon

“Thanks so much! This reading has helped in more ways then you know! Just so you know, you were spot on with everything, even down to more kids close in age! Due to have a baby girl in August!!”
– J.Leach

What are Readings?

We each have a specific purpose here, an individual journey, a path that only we will walk in this lifetime. My desire is to establish a connection between your physical self and the inner being, using my own connection to Divine Consciousness to give insight and to better assist you with making the right choices to positively enhance your journey here.

Jasmine x

What’s Involved in a Reading?

I like my sessions to be self-directed by my clients, usually they come to me with a general idea of what they want to get out of a session, and sometimes it’s a little more vague, sometimes they are just feeling a little lost for direction or needing the comfort of their loved ones (through a mediumship connection) below are some of the things that can be covered in a session with me.

  • Connection to passed loved ones (Mediumship)
  • Blocks and limiting belief systems
  • Past life insight – any that may be affecting your life now
  • Chakra analysis
  • Potential Relationship forecast
  • General insight into pressing matters/areas of concern for you in your life
  • Inner child work
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30 minute – Connection

For returning clients only


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60 minute – Connection


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90 minute – Connection


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